Member Support Efforts & Funds

Lodge #1 has established three different funds focused on improving the lives and experiences of our members and the community; for example, providing immediate assistance to law enforcement officers in disaster-hit areas when needed, or making necessary repairs and upgrades to our important but aging lodge building. The funds are the Disaster Assistance Response Team fund, the Building Fund, and the Member Support Foundation. Please donate to these special support efforts.

 Currently, donations to these funds are not tax deductible, but we hope to change that status in the near future.

The Member Support Foundation funds will be used to render assistance to members upon written request to the lodge. Examples are for injury with an inability to work; a need for food and other basic necessities during a crisis; to help with uncovered medical bills, etc. This is a special opportunity to help our brothers and sisters when they need a hand.

The Disaster Assistance Response Team (DART) fund allows the Lodge to provide logistical and financial support to law enforcement members in areas that are affected by severe weather or other emergencies. DART swiftly responds to assist officers in recovery efforts and those who have suffered damage themselves as a result of the disaster.

The Building Fund is used for the required repairs and up keep of the DC Lodge #1 building. It is a beautiful building in a prime location with many years of wear and tear. It needs continual short-term maintenance and long-term plans to keep it functioning and in good shape; for example: roofing, HVAC, elevator, etc.