President's Message

Dear members,

As we wind down the 2022 and head into the holidays, I wanted to give you an update on the status of your Lodge. Foremost, always keep in your thoughts our members who are sick or in distress, and never forget those we have lost over the years. Please enjoy your family and friends in any way possible over the holidays.

Lodge Finances:

I am proud to report—while we navigate towards 2023 in this board's first year in office—we have reduced our deficit significantly and continue to make strides financially. In the interest of continuing to cut unnecessary spending, we are preparing a budget on which to vote. This will be our first fully sustainable budget in nearly four years. Though this may seem unconventional, please don’t forget that this current Lodge administration continued to battle a massive deficit handed to the 2020 administration. Immediate Past President Neill’s team could not reasonably combat the deficit during COVID-19, the closure of the restaurant, and the shutdown of Police Week Tent City (Lodge #1's biggest fundraiser). Yes, we continue with legal issues from the past, but we are constantly in touch with counsel and hope that soon our legal issues will be resolved. Your Lodge leadership feels confident we can look forward to our future in positive way.

Officer Wellness:

Nothing has changed and I would like to repeat: the Fraternal Order of Police is committed to our brothers and sisters to build and maintain a wellness program as we keep watch for one another. If not through oath, but as colleagues and friends alike—which has been stated many times before.

Remember, kind words can go a long way to a brother or sister in need of emotional support. Sometimes it is as simple as lending an ear so others can vent their concerns. We are only human folks, PLEASE do not forget to seek assistance if you or someone you know needs a bit of a pick me up. We all may just need someone to talk to or listen.

The Building:

Our building at 711 4th Street has been great for Lodge #1, but the crumbling infrastructure and lack of parking have raised many issues over the years, especially getting members to attend events. In addition, there a new Arlo Hotel being built next to our home. The construction has caused us headaches, but we have worked through them. Unfortunately, this is only going to make the parking around the Lodge worse. We just recently have been informed that many of the remaining parking spots along 3rd and 4th Streets in the 700 block will be zoned for valet parking, reducing even more space. This will directly impact membership and employee parking for events in the future. While we love our location, it seems only prudent to start looking for alternate facilities where it can benefit our members (more discussions to come on this subject.)

Your Lodge:

The Lodge is yours and belongs to the membership. We have held several events this year through donations, the FOP Auxiliary, DC Police Union, Paragon, and rentals. We are trying to get back to having monthly events, special events and whatever we feel can support you. We are here for you and will try and hold several events over the next several months for our membership.

As I always mention: Learn how your FOP can assist you in life. Stay involved and preserve your profession with a philosophy geared toward the needs of your brothers and sisters alike. Our team knows it is hard to be active at the Lodge with so many distractions out there. Pandemics, civil unrest and all the associated challenges of being in Law Enforcement; the lodge can be your safe place to learn, mentor, teach and relax. More importantly, you as a member always have a right to have your voice heard.

FOP Tags / Merchandise and Virtual Office:

We are still operating with two part time office employees and some of the work continues to be virtual. Ms. Janet Gross is handling our membership tags and other administrative duties. Please contact Ms. Gross at for tags in the DMV. She will help you make the process easier and understandable. Mrs. Wilborn is handling basic office functions and will soon be answering all telephone calls. For current and future FOP merchandise, you can contact Ms. Wilborn at Due to some financial flexibility, we have increased hours for admin duties.

If you have any questions, you can call or email the Lodge at, we will return your messages and your emails. If there is an issue you believe the Lodge can help you with, and if required, an in-person meeting it can be scheduled appropriately. Brothers and Sisters, it is now membership renewal season at FOP DC Lodge #1, from November 1, 2022 to January 31, 2023. There have been some improvements in the renewal process. Now you can go directly online to our website,, and renew. You will need your name (the one for which you're registered at the Lodge) and your date of birth. The fees are as follows:

  • Annual Active membership—$52.50
  • Associate Annual Membership—$52.50
  • Lifetime Active Membership—$618.50
  • Lifetime Associate Membership—$618.50

The Lifetime cards have been completely redesigned especially for our Lodge this year, honoring our District. The Lifetime membership metal cards are a great option for persons who are:

  • Not in a labor committee
  • Retired
  • Don’t want to be bothered with remembering to renew and possibly having your Legal plan expire

There have been several hiccups with this past cycle. We had approximately 3000 members who were not paying dues, but the Lodge was covering the cost for them to the Grand Lodge. Other issues the Membership committee ran into include:

  • Bad Mailing addresses, in which over 1000 cards were returned (our Lodge covered the postage cost)
  • Late payments by our members
  • Lack of staffing at our Lodge due to COVID-19 protocols
  • Bad handwriting on Labor committee applications, in which information cannot be read, thereby being entered incorrectly into the database
  • Newly married members forgetting to update their new names with the Lodge

Thanks to our Brother Andy Fried, the FOP database has been cleared of inactive members and crossed checked with the Grand Lodge. Brother Bob Short has actively kept the Labor committees going, working long days and weekends. Our Sisters Angela and Janet have been working hard to get us back on track since the pandemic hit. Thank you all. If you need any assistance from the Membership committee, we can be reached at Someone will get back to you within 24 hours.


Louis P. Cannon

Born: July 20, 1950

Deceased: June 21, 2022

This past summer we lost a great one. Always on our minds and in our hearts is Past President Louis P. Cannon. Although Lou is not the only member that Lodge #1 has lost, he is certainly the single most influential leader we have lost in decades, or quite possibly ever. One of a kind, Lou was that great leader, an unwavering mentor, and a dedicated friend to all that had the opportunity to know him. Lou single-handedly had the largest impact on our FOP lodge and never stopped leading the way. He left a legacy of leadership for this Lodge and for what it stands.

In closing, I will keep you and yours in my thoughts and prayers. Be safe, and protect yourselves.


Michael F. Murphy
DC FOP Lodge #1